According to his own website, Sever Bronny of Victoria previously released three music albums with his "industrial-rock project"; Tribal Machine, including a full-length concept album called The Orwellian Night, prior to e-publishing the first volume of his planned five-volume fantasy-adventure series, Arcane (2014), a 349-pager available via Amazon.

According to publicity materials, "Within three weeks of release, the novel became an Amazon bestseller in multiple fantasy subgenres, reaching #2 on United Kingdom's Children's Fantasy Coming of Age list, #4 on the US-based list, #20 in teen fantasy Coming of Age, and #20 in Sword & Sorcery, 14 places behind Harry Potter.";

Whereas Harry Potter is about three neophyte wizards, Book I in Bronny's promected series called The Arinthian Line is about neophyte warlocks.

In this coming of age novel for anyone from tweens to adults, fourteen-year-old Augum and friends Bridget and Leera would love to be warlocks but their kingdom is in chaos. In an ancient, abandoned castle, they endure grueling training. That's only the beginning.

An audiobook version of Arcane (The Arinthian Line, Book 1) has been narrated by Grammy winner Stefan Rudnicki, with classic full distribution via Blackstone audio.

Book 1: Released November 24, 2014 (just before you did your piece)
Book 2: Released February 20, 2015
Book 3: Released July 23, 2015
Book 4: Released March 2, 2016

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