Born and raised in central Africa, Anthony Bruce of Saltspring Island has lived and worked in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa and Kenya as a surveyor, soldier, commercial pilot, mining construction engineer and foreign aid cooperant. His self-published adventure novels reflect his international background. Victoria's Empress Hotel is the setting for a hostage-taking in To Taunt a Wounded Tiger (Glendambo $10.95), which also includes the political skyjacking of a jetliner, bound for South Africa, in the Cape Verde Islands off the west coast of Africa. Among the passengers are 20-year-old Colin Mornay and his six-year-old cousin Laura, members of a prominent Victoria industrial family. In the follow-up novel The East Wind (Sandhill/Glendambo $12.95), Colin Mornay, the spoilt and willful son of a B.C. timber baron, is sent to Namibia to live with an aloof uncle whom he has never met named David Mornay, a mining engineer. In the desolate wastes of the Namib desert, Colin must confront merciless nature and the legacy of war. In Namibia he gets to know an ex-mercenary pilot and Kate Richardson, 'a cool and lovely chemist'. Everyone is struggling to retain some dignity in a greedy and violent modern world where the civil wars in Africa are rarely reported.

DATE OF BIRTH: 17 Sept 1939

PLACE OF BIRTH: Mufulira, Zambia





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A Lie To Comfort The Dying, Glendambo Publishing, 2002

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