As a retiree moving from Victoria to Vernon, BC, Andy Buhler discovered a box of air-letter forms written during his two-year stint with CUSO in Nigeria. "In 1969 I was a recently certified medical lab technologist. CUSO was looking for recruits. Nigeria looked like it might provide an exciting foreign adventure, an opportunity to hone fledgling technical skills, and possibly an opportunity to do some good in the developing world (this was the '60s). My adventures and escapades, revealed through those air-letters, were the genesis of my two memoirs. Although I have previously edited BC birding newsletters and journals, this is my first venture into other forms of writing." Previously Buhler worked for 25 years as a medical laboratory technologist and another 12 years as a specialist medical librarian.

Author's City: Vernon, BC
Date Of Birth: 12/08/1943
Place Of Birth: England
Arrival in Canada: 1946


Letters Home: Glimpses of a CUSO Cooperant's Life in Northern Nigeria, 1969-1970. Trafford, 2006.

Letters Home: Glimpses of a CUSO Cooperant's Life in Southern Nigeria, 1970-1971. Trafford, 2006.

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