Set in Vancouver during a wet Vancouver spring in the late 1990s, Song Over Quiet Lake (Second Story 2009) by Sarah Felix Burns concerns the unlikely friendship between students at UBC. In her twenties, Sylvia Hardy is stymied by her guilt about a traumatic incident when she was a thirteen-year-old babysitter in Medicine Hat. Eighty-two-year old Lydie Jim is a Tlingit elder from the Yukon who is soon to receive her degree in Women's Studies. After her experiences in residential school and losing her sons to foster care, Lydie still finds comfort from the song her mother sang to her on the shore of Quiet Lake. Born in 1977. the author, who met a Tlingit woman much like Lydie while studying at UBC, was born and raised in a village outside of Sault Ste. Marie. Her first novel Jackfish, The Vanishing Village won the 2009 Northern Lit Award. 978-1-897187-67-8 $18.95