Born Hamilton, Ontario, 1947. Lived in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, late 60s. Worked as welder, fitter, typist, dishwasher, laundry worker, truck driver, cab driver. Re-educated early 70s: Basil Bunting (Victoria), Robin Blaser and other SFU teachers, especially Jerry Zaslove, Anthony Wilden, Michael Lebowitz and Jane Harris. Avoided the English Department as much as possible. Worked in libraries late 70s early 80s. Shop steward. Union rep in feminist union (AUCE Local 1). MA (Comparative Literature) UBC. Late 80s to present, Trade Union Research Bureau. Member of Kootenay School of Writing collective. Author of Aporia (Fissure/Point Blank) and Beautiful Lies (CUE, 2008; published serially, Raddle Moon, Sprang Texts, W, Thuja). Current project: Sonnets: Louise Labé (West Coast Line, W, Onsets, The Gig).


Duets (Talonbooks 2018) $16.95 978-1-77201-199-9

BEAUTIFUL LIES (Capilano University Editions, 2008)ISBN: 978-0-9810122-3-0 | $15 Victorian murder mystery meets 21st century Canadian poetry.

[BCBW 2009] "Poetry"