According to promotional materials: C. Edgar North is the pen name for Glen Witter who lives in Summerland, B.C. He retired from a career as a "workforce development" consultant on projects in more than 30 countries for development banks, NGOs, aid agencies and private sector clients. He writes fiction as C. Edgar North to maintain a separation from his non-fiction publications. He was born in Vancouver in 1942.

Along with his travel experiences, his stories reflect his work as a volunteer firefighter and paramedic, a deckhand/diver with a fishing fleet, and his involvements in marine and mountain search and rescue. His enjoys scuba diving (wreck diving) and underwater photography, as well as fishing. His books are available as e-books, POD books and audio books.

BOOKS: (all Bookbaby Press, USA)

Nighthawk: The Deacon (July 15, 2019) ASIN B07TJ2SQCJ

Nighthawk: Chief Hazel (October 1, 2015) ASIN B01MYPNKCF ISBN 978-1-483-59436-1

Nighthawk: African Ice (June 1, 2015) ASIN B0118WP424

Blood, Fire and Ice (June 15, 2013) ASIN BOONH0LM52

Nighthawk Crossing (November 15, 2010) ASIN B00CKWTUPC

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