Olga Campbell's Graffiti Alphabet (Lion's Gate Press $22.95) is an alphabet book compiled of her photographs of graffiti taken in Metro Vancouver. It is a visual tour of the graffiti of Vancouver and celebrates the creativity and energy of a dynamic urban art form. This 96-page book is suitable for children, but is also an art book for adults. 978-0-9812911-1-6

After listening to a radio programme about second generation Holocaust survivors, Olga Campbell experienced repressed feelings of grief and sorrow. All members of her mother's family had been murdered in the Shoa but no details ever emerged. Campbell started to confront these feelings by creating a solo multimedia exhibition in 2005 called Whispers Across Time; then she wrote her family's story as best she could. Combining prose, art and poetry, Campbell's self-published A Whisper Across Time (Jubaji Press $32) depicts one family's experience of the Holocaust as an inadvertent legacy of trauma. Described as a healing ritual, a Shamanic Soul retrieval and a celebration of life, A Whisper Across Time resulted in an art show and book launch in November of 2018 at the Gertrude and Sidney Zack Gallery in conjunction with the Jewish Book Festival at the Jewish Community Centre in Vancouver. 978-0-9812911-2-3

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