The Lasqueti Last Resort Society is a non-profit organization that provides care to elders and others related to Lasqueti Island, fostering dignity, friendship and humour with opportunities for integration into community life. As as fundraiser, editors Sue Wheeler, Annie Carrithers and Kathy Schultz gathered the contents for the Lasqueti Last Resort Society Cookbook ($25 plus shipping) with more than 200 pages of recipes, photos and local writings about food and the community.

Replete with memories and anecdotes, it was launched at the Lasqueti Arts Centre on May 17, 2015 where attendees bought out the first print run. Local specialties included bullfrog legs and road kill deer (lots of rosemary). The annual Lasqueti film festival serves dinners and some favourites are included in the book, along with items from the False Bay School lunch program.

"Here is something you eat, says Sue Wheeler, "the rock and rain and sea and starlight that are part of the garden carrot, orchard plum and fresh egg, the wild mushroom, blackberry, huckleberry, oyster and clam. Together we mark the passages, we break bread and enjoy, by eating Here, the tangible food and the intangibles of community, transforming these molecules and essences into our very selves.";

To learn more about the Society, visit For copies of the reprinted cookbook, email 978-0-9948027-0-5