William K. Carroll is a professor of sociology at the University of Victoria with research interests in the political economy/ecology of corporate capitalism, social movements, and critical social theory and method. His current research focuses on the relationships between corporate power, fossil capitalism, and the ongoing climate crisis. He is also co-director of The Corporate Mapping Project, that traces the complex relationships of corporate power within the global political economy.

He edited Regime of Obstruction: How Corporate Power Blocks Energy Democracy (AU Press $39.99), a collection of essays showing how the reach of corporate power into all areas of society is an obstacle to overcoming climate change and ecological destruction. Includes writing from Marc Lee about how clean growth rhetoric is simply cover for a business-as-usual expansion of fossil fuel production and exports; and Clifford Atleo Kam'ayaam/Chachim'multhnii who examines how Indigenous communities navigate resource extraction activities while working to sustain their unique cultural identities, practices and worldviews. 9781771992893


Corporate Power and Canadian Capitalism. UBC Press, 1986

Co-authored (with Bob Hackett) - Remaking Media (Routledge, 2006) $76.80 978-0415394697

The Making of a Transnational Capitalist Class (Zed Books, 2010) $70.95 978-1848134430

Corporate Power in a Globalizing World (Oxford U. Press, 2010) $27.95 978-0195438314

Co-author (with Kanchan Sarker) - Expose, Oppose, Propose: Alternative Policy Groups and the Struggle for Global Justice, A World to Win (Fernwood, 2016) $25

Co-author (with J.P. Sapinski) - Organizing the 1%: How Corporate Power Works (Fernwood Publishing, 2018) $25 9781552668900

Editor of:

Fragile Truths: Twenty-Five Years of Sociology and Anthropology in Canada. Carleton UP, 1992

Organizing Dissent: Contemporary Social Movements in Theory and Practice (UTP, 1992/1997) $42.95 9781551930022

Regime of Obstruction: How Corporate Power Blocks Energy Democracy (AU Press, 2021) $39.99 9781771992893

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