George Case's debut fiction depicts the rise and fall of the information age. The city of Volgograd in Russia is devastated by a nuclear bomb and technology can't convey the horror of the disaster. "For the first time, the airwaves of the world had been struck dumb,"; writes George Case in Silence Descends: The End of the Information Age 2000-2500 (Arsenal, 1997 $12.95). See below.

Case came to Vancouver in 1994 from Sault Ste. Marie where he was born on June 18, 1967. He has published reviews and commentaries in the Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Review. Employed at the Vancouver Public Library, he has also contributed to All Wound Up: Alternative Writing From British Columbia (Ripple Effect Press, 2002).


Silence Descends: The End of the Information Age, 2000-2500 (Arsenal Pulp Press, 1997)

Jimmy Page: Magus, Musician, Man: An Unauthorized Biography (Hal Leonard, 2007)

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