Stephanie Castle is the pen name for a transgender author who underwent a sex change relatively later in his/her life. The intimate memoir of the difficulties faced in order to achieve a transformation of this kind are the subject of Feelings.

Castle has a lengthy list of achievements to her credit including the founding of the Zenith Foundation and the editorship of the house magazine Zenith Digest. She has also acted as a counsellor and advocate to, and on behalf of, transgendered people in the areas of human rights and prison reform.

Also in 1994, she formed Perceptions Press. This imprint was sold to Vibrant Publishing in 2005. She died in 2017. See S.C. Heal entry.


Feelings (Perceptions Press, 1992)
The Dual Alliance (Perceptions Press, 1995)
Prisoner of Gender (Perceptions Press, 1997)
Guidelines (Perceptions Press, 1997)
Shadows in the City (Perceptions 2004)
The Partnership (Perceptions 2004)
Tales of Cascadia (Perceptions 2004)
A Tale of Two Wives (Perceptions 2004)
The Zenith Experience (Perceptions 2005)
A Dilemma in High Places (Stephanie Castle Publications 2011)
The Enchantment of Margot Tyson (Stephanie Castle Publications 2012)
The Miracle Workers (Stephanie Castle Publications 2012)
The Far Side of the Moon (Stephanie Castle Publications 2013)
Quatsino Gold (Stephanie Castle Publications 2013)

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