In 1974, Peter Champman served as a deckhand with Captains Buster Brown and Bob Naughty (two master mariners whose fathers had also been Union Steamship captains) when they were successively working for the United Church of Canada on the Thomas Crosby V. This piqued his historical interest in the Union Steamship Company.

In addition to his two Sound Heritage volumes, Peter Chapman collected and edited (with Joel Russ) several volumes in the "A Life in the Woods" series for the Nelson museum, which has been turned into an on-line exhibit (


Navigating the Coast; A History of the Union Steamship Company (Sound Heritage Volume VI, No 2. PABC, 1977.)

Where the Lardeau River Flows: Recollections of the Kootenay Region (Provincial Archives, Sound and Moving Image Division, 1981)

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