She began writing her first novel, Triad Moon, while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The novel examines incest, survival and healing. There are three main character. Lila, an unhappily married woman with an illness, becomes fascinated with her New Age lesbian boarder Brook; when they become lovers, their relationship also transforms Lila's closest friend Helen. Ultimately they engage in a threesome or 'triad' while camping. Chase's books of poetry are The Square Root of Female and The Distress of Harvest.

The Distress of Harvest (Fiddlehead Press, 1981)
The Square Root of Female (Ragweed Press, 1984)
Triad Moon (Gynergy Books, 1993)

Selected Anthologies:

Alberta Poetry Yearbook (Canadian Authors' Association, 1969)
Toronto's Landscape (Women's Writing Collective, 1977)
To Sappho, My Sister (Gynergy Books, 1996)

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