According to publicity materials, Autonomous Motherhood? (University of Toronto, 2015) "probes fundamental assumptions within the law about the nature of family and parenting. Drawing on a range of empirical evidence, including legislative history, case studies, and interviews with single mothers, the authors conclude that while women may now have the economic and social freedom to parent alone, they must still negotiate a socio-legal framework that suggests their choice goes against the interests of society, fatherhood, and children.";

As Co-Director of the Feminist Institute For Studies In Law And Society at SFU, she published From Punishment To Doing Good: Family Courts And Socialized Justice In Ontario, 1880 - 1940 (1992).

Susan B. Boyd co-edited Reaction and Resistance: Feminism, Law and Social Change (UBC 2007) with Dorothy Chunn and Hester Lessard.

With Shelley A.M. Gavigan, "Women, the
state and welfare law: the Canadian experience";. Appears in The Legal Tender of Gender: Law, Welfare and the Regulation of Women's Poverty. (Hart, 2010).

With Wendy Chan, Chunn wrote Racialization, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Canada (U. of Toronto 2014) $36.95 978-1-4426-0574-9.

Dorothy E. Chunn is a professor emerita of sociology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Simon Fraser University.


Autonomous Motherhood? A Socio-Legal Study of Choice and Constraint (University of Toronto, 2015) $32.95 9781442626454. Co-written by Susan B. Boyd, Fiona Kelly, and Wanda Wiegers

[BCBW 2015] "Law" "Women"

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Regulating Lives: Historical Essays on the State, Society, the Individual, and the Law