According to her publisher's website: Claire Sicherman grew up reading Anne Frank and watching Schindler's List with almost no knowledge of the Holocaust's impact on her specific family. Though most of her ancestors were murdered in the Holocaust, Sicherman's grandparents didn't talk about their trauma and her mother grew up in Communist Czechoslovakia completely unaware she was even Jewish. Now a mother herself, Sicherman uses vignettes, epistolary style, and other unconventional forms to explore the intergenerational transmission of trauma, about the fact that genes can be altered and carry memories, which are then passed down-a genetic imprinting, in her first book, Imprint: A Memoir of Trauma in the Third Generation (Caitlin 2018) 978-1-987915-57-0 $22.95

Claire Sicherman is a graduate of the creative non-fiction program at The Humber School for Writers. Her work has appeared in the anthologySustenance:Writers from B.C. and Beyond on the Subject of Food, and She lives with her husband and son on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

[BCBW 2018]