James Cloughley, a single parent, has worked in the human services field for twenty years, helping men and women whose lives have been adversely affected by drugs and alcohol. His self-published novel, A Man's Work is Never Done (Influence / Red Tuque 2011, unpriced) concerns a disillusioned teenage boy named Jim and his single mother, and reveals how absentee fatherhood is at the root of their problems. "The issue of fatherless sons and its enormous impact on today's life is, in my mind," says Cloughley, a father of two, "the most important social issue of our time and yet many either aren't aware or have no idea how to respond to what is happening especially when considering the last three generations of young men." The subtitle is What Happens to a Boy Without a Father? 978-0978299965. Influence Publishing is a business undertaking in B.C.

[BCBW 2013]