Author of juvenile titles:

Haida Food Gathering and Preparation (Ketchikan Indian Corporation, 1979). Robert and Nora Cogo spent time in Alaska collecting information on the Haida people, and with the help of a Haida elder Vesta Johnson, they were able to compile information about Haida food gathering and preparation.

Haida Stories (Materials Development Center, Anchorage, 1979) With Nora Cogo. This collection of stories illustrated by Carol Hutchins is intended for children, although can be enjoyed by everyone. Many of these stories centre around teaching the moral of respect between nature and man, since the Haida have a deep spiritual connection and physical dependence to the land.

Haida Story Telling Time (Ketchikan Indian Corporation, 1979). Another collection of Haida stories by Robert Cogo intended for a younger audience. The oral storytelling tradition amongst the Haida is very important, as it helps with holistic and experiential learning, as well as relationship building.

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