Alberta-raised Dustin Cole received his BA in history from Simon Fraser University and is the author of the poetry collection Dream Peripheries (General Delivery, 2015). He lives in Vancouver, BC.

His debut novel, Notice (Nightwood 2020) takes place during the summer of 2017 in Vancouver where economic imperatives are making space less and less accessible to lower-income individuals. The rental crisis is intensifying, ravenous real estate development is thriving and there is a province-wide forest fire emergency, which blankets the city in smoke. The protagonist, Dylan Levett, is a recent university graduate being "renovicted" from his rent-controlled apartment, the central point of view of the story. It's a Kafkaesque story about a man caught in the gears of a bureaucracy, a spiral-down, bad-to-worse kind of story and it holds up a funhouse mirror to Vancouver.


Dream Peripheries (General Delivery 2015)

Notice (Nightwood 2020) $21.95 987-0-88971-384-0

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