Knows as the cartoonist Arn Saba before transitioning to Katherine Collins, Katherine published The Collected Neil the Horse (Conundrum 2017). Neil the Horse ran 15 issues in the 1980s with the tagline - Making the World Safe for Musical Comedy. The cartoon carved out a niche amongst the punk-influenced comics of the time, owing more to Carl Barks and Fred Astaire. Quill & Quire magazine wrote that "The book's most uncommon feature was the sheet music for original songs Saba wrote as a soundtrack to the new Neil stories in each issue. A two-issue tribute to Fred Astaire featured not only several new songs, but extensive dance numbers." There is an excellent biographical piece on the internet from Passport2017 by Conan Tobias.


The Collected Neil the Horse (Conundrum 2017) $25 978-177262-015-3

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