Tsilhqút'ín is a complex northern Athabaskan tonal language comprised of 47 consonants and six vowels. Also known as Chilcotin, it is spoken by the people of the Chilco River (Tsilhqóx) in British Columbia's interior. A Tsilhqút'ín Grammar (UBC Press, 2015) is the first book to examine the grammar of this language. Publicity materials tell us "it covers all aspects of linguistic structure - phonology, morphology, and syntax - including negation and questions.";

Eung-Do (Ed) Cook was born in Seosan, Chung-Nam Province, Korea, in 1935. He received his MA from the University of Hawaii and his PhD in linguistics from the University of Alberta. He was a professor of linguistics at University of Calgary from 1968 to 2000.


A Tsilhqút'ín Grammar (UBC Press) $165.00 978-0-7748-2516-0

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