Dana Copithorne of Vancouver has taught English in Japan, written about Czech literature and provided cover art and black & white illustrations for her speculative fiction title The Steam Magnate, a fantasy novel "of the Broken Glass City." The protagonist Eson, who has "inherited the steam-power legacy of his family lineage," recovers from a disastrous relationship with a woman of his own kind, only to become embroiled in an intriguing romance with a young woman who is not who she claims to be. Copithorne holds a bachelor's degree in anthropology and has studied Shamanic religions in Siberia, Japanese culture, Zen aesthetics, and Japanese and Buddhist architectural traditions.

DATE OF BIRTH: March 14, 1980

PLACE OF BIRTH: Port Alberni


AWARDS: Joseph Hasek Award for a literary Essay


The Steam Magnate (Charleston, South Carolina: Aio Publishing Company / IPG 2006)

[BCBW 2006] "Fiction"