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Coupland, Gary. Prehistoric Cultural Change in Kitselas Canyon (Ottawa: Canadian Museums of Civilization, 1988). This study examines the prehistoric shift from egalitarian to ranked social structure amongst the Kitselas tribe who lived along the Skeena in the Kitselas Canyon. The Kitselas, or the Gits'ilaasü, are one of the fourteen tribes of the Tsimshian who live along the Skeena River.

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Matson, R.G. & Gary Coupland. Prehistory of the Northwest Coast (New York: Academic Press, 1994). This book explores some of the earliest settlements along the coast of Northern California to Alaska to the following distinct cultures within North American Aboriginal population. Maps, charts, and illustrations enhance the descriptive overview of the cultural complexities of these coastal peoples.

Matson, R.G. & Gary Coupland & Quentin Mackie (editors). Emerging from the Mist: Studies in Northwest Coast Culture History (UBC Press, 2003). Matson and Quentin Mackie. Using an interdisciplinary approach between archaeology, ethnohistory, and ethnography this book updates and expands readers' knowledge on the nature and evolution of pre-contact Northwest Coast society. This book addresses the fur trade, migration, household structures, and pre-contact metallurgy and architecture for one of the most prominent examples of a hunter-gatherer society.

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