Set during the onset of the French Revolution, Lissa M. Cowan's debut novel Milk Fever (Demeter 2013) explores early feminist roots and the rise of explicit, forbidden literature. It's a story of love and the magical power of books to transform lives.

"In 1789, Armande, a wet nurse who is known for the mystical qualities of her breast milk, goes missing. Céleste, a cunning servant girl who Armande once saved from shame and starvation, sets out to find her. A snuffbox found in the snow, the unexpected arrival of a gentleman and the discovery of the wet nurse's diary, deepen the mystery. Using Armande's diary as a map to her secret past, Céleste fights to save her from those plotting to steal the wisdom of her milk."

Now Toronto-based, Lissa Cowan, also a translator, formerly lived on Vancouver Island and commuted to Vancouver for work as an Editorial Director of Groundwork Press, a small publisher that produces parenting books; she was also Editorial Manager of Family Groundwork Magazine, about parenting children with challenges.

CITY/TOWN: Nanaimo

DATE OF BIRTH: August 12, 1966

PLACE OF BIRTH: Toronto, Ontario


ANCESTRAL BACKGROUND: Scottish, Irish, English

EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Editorial Director of Groundwork Press and Family Groundwork magazine editorial manager


Words That Walk in the Night, by Pierre Morency, English translation by Lissa Cowan and René Brisebois, Vehicule Press, 2002

Adoptive Families are Families for Keeps by Lissa Cowan, Groundwork Press, 2002

Hiking Vancouver Island, by Shannon and Lissa Cowan, Globe Pequot, 2003

Living with Prenatal Drug Exposure by Lissa Cowan and Jennifer Lee, Groundwork Press, 2003

Milk Fever (Demeter 2013) $19.95 978-1927335208

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