"I often think the Canadian government would have much better luck spotting the Sasquatch than the Canadian identity." -- Susan Crean

Chair of the Writers Union of Canada in 1992, Toronto-born Susan Crean has been a member of This Magazine's editorial collective and a frequent spokesperson on feminist issues, cultural policies and politics. She lived on Gabriola Island, in Vancouver and in Ontario. Much of her work has been concerned with women and their struggles for self-determination and expression, including a biographical portrait of Grace Hartman and study of women in media. Her examination of the life and work of Emily Carr, The Laughing One, received a B.C. Book Prize in 2002. Compiled from previously unpublished sections of Emily Carr's journals and correspondence, and with an introduction by Crean, a follow-up volume entitled Opposite Contraries includes passages about Carr's first meeting with Sophie Frank, a Squamish basketmaker who became Carr's friend. [See Emily Carr; also see review of Laughing One below]

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