According to his website, Elliott Cross was born in England in 1983 and moved to Canada in 1999. He has lived and worked in Canada, Scotland, England and the Netherlands and was based in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, when he self-published his first fantasy novel, Faithful Amidst The Fallen, his projected series called the The Last Archangel. "In the afterlife, a bitter war rages between Gabriel's Faithful and Lucifer's Fallen over who will control the Powers of Creation. Aurelia is a young Roman priestess who is the key to unifying the Powers. Azdiel is her unlikely guardian, and together they must escape war-torn Elysium and journey deep into the dark heart of Hades. But Azdiel is an Angel as unpredictable in temperament as he is skilled in combat, and with him nothing is ever certain, and no-one is ever truly safe..."

Elliott Cross has a BA in History.

[BCBW 2011]