One of the few Belizean-British Columbian based authors, Landa Cross produced a Maya Route Series Magazine in 2002, the Maya Latin and Caribbean Routes Magazine in 2000, a bilingual language course (1990) and an English-Spanish newspaper. She has been involved in export research to Belize, Mexico and Central America for 20 years. In 2015 she was involved in a plan to make a subdivision in the Toledo district of southern Belize.


2002 The Maya Routes
1990 Bilingual People
1983 The Key to English Grammar

USA copyrights, 1983 -The Key to English Grammar, Teacher's Guide
USA copyrights, 1985 Literature - Bilingual English/Spanish Course for Adult learners
USA copyrights, 1985 Sounds Performance Arts - Bilingual English/Spanish CD's
USA copyrights, 1986 -Eternal Life, Fictional Short Stories
USA copyrights, 1987-88- Discount Club Card service and Service Products
Trademarks Registrations: Guatemala, Central America- 7 (seven trademarks), and USAEMBAGUA legal processes.
EL SALVADOR copyrights - 1994 - The Maya Route Series magazine, including Route Maps of the Countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Southeast Mexico States.

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