In 2004, Roz Davidson, aka the Granny Rapper, received a Cultural Harmony Award from the City of Vancouver, as well as a citation from The House Of Commons Health Minister. She is Writer/Performer/Journalist/Teacher/Poet who performs and lectures at festivals, schools and special events. She has written several musicals for adults and children, as well as the theme song for the City of Marina, CA., "Marina Sings!"

The first chapters of Roz Davidson's self-published Are Flowers Jewish? contain glimpses into Jewish life, from Shtetl to modern day: Rabbi vignettes, single Moms, orphans, Klezmer-mania, sleuthing, and, even a Farshlepteh Poodle story. The second half is autobiographical to puberty, with stories about growing up in Toronto, including Bubbe-Maises (grandmother stories).

CITY/TOWN: Vancouver

DATE OF BIRTH: 9/13/1934


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: "Granny Rapper" performer

AWARDS: 2006 O'Keefe Age Of Wisdom Award; 2004 Cultural Harmony Award: 2004 Ministry Of Health


Roz's Story World (Talk-A-Tale Productions, 2003) - 24-page booklet with CD aimed at helping children stop bullying, liking themselves more and understanding others who are different

THe Wizard of Roz! (Talk-A-Tale Productions, 2005) - 76-page poetry book - social justice, womens issues,and just plain whimsies

Are Flowers Jewish? (Talk-A-Tale Productions, 2006)

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