UBC English professor Jan de Bruyn was the first editor of Prism magazine at UBC, which edited for its first five years. It became known as Prism international. He has remained active in literature into his 90s, self-publishing his own novels and spearheading a writers group at Castle Wood Village in Castlegar, a seniors living residence. At 94, he edited a collection of their writing, including his own essays, for Swan Song (NIB Publishing, 2012, $25 including shipping). NIB stands for 'nose in book,' not National Institute for the Blind.

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Amor Vincit Omnia (NIB Publishing, 2003)
Tne Killer (NIB Publishing, 2003)


Journeys of the Heart (NIB Publishing, 2004)
Two Deaths in the Tower (NIB Publishing, 2004)
Trouble in Paradise (NIB Publishing, 2006)
The Immigrants (NIB Publishing, 2007)
Hell and Happiness (NIB Publishing, 2009)

Other Titles

Those Were the Days (NIB Publishing, 2005)
Alive, Alive-O (NIB Publishing, 2006)
Gastronomically Yours (NIB Publishing, 2007)
All Creatures Great and Small (NIB Publishing, 2008)
Swan Song (NIB Publishing, 2012, $25 including shipping). Editor.

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