Misao Dean grew up in Toronto and was educated at Carleton University and Queens University in Kingston where she received her Ph.D in 1986. She focusses on the relationship between gender and nationality in her books on early Canadian fiction. In a Different Point of View, she explored the 'double marginalisation' of Sara Jeanette Duncan (1861-1922) as a colonial and a woman. Dean has taught B.C. writing at the University of Victoria since 2000, emphasizing the construction of B.C. identities in the context of Aboriginal title. She has published articles on Emily Carr and Martin Allerdale Grainger, and on the Royal BC Museum.


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Practising Femininity: Domestic Realism and the Performance of Gender in Early Canadian Fiction (University of Toronto Press, 1998).

Early Canadian Short Stories: Stories in English to World War One (Ottawa: Tecumseh Press, 2000).

Inheriting a Canoe Paddle: The Canoe in Discourses of English-Canadian Nationalism (University of Toronto Press, 2012) $29.95 978-1-4426-1287-7

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