Born in Jamaica in 1939, Desmond Lindo of Courtenay immigrated to Canada in 1957, taking up residence in Victoria. He attended the University of Victoria at intervals for close to thirty-five years pursuing his interest in languages and literature. He began writing in the 1980s, publishing short pieces of humour and satire in a variety of magazines in Canada and the United States. Lindo has served as the president of the Canadian Authors' Association (Victoria and Islands Branch) and has occupied the same position with the Comox Valley Writers' Society for several years. He is a member of the Stephen Leacock Association and founder of the Dead Poets' Society of Victoria. Although Lindo does not write poetry, he lives by the dictum that only in poetry does one find truth, all else being propaganda.

In The Liberals Must be Crazy (First Choice, 2007) a collection of humorous essays and stories (some previously published), Desmond Lindo shows why British Columbia is the best place on earth--and also the funniest. The title is from one of the essays in which the author proposes to re-make the South African film, 'The Gods Must Be Crazy' but with British Columbia as the setting. The plot of this re-make would center around an unemployed man in a remote Vancouver Island community who finds a job when it falls out of the sky and lands at his feet. The job must be a gift from the Liberals, the man decides--and anyone who has seen the original film will have an idea where this premise will lead. Other essays deal with B.C.'s lumber industry, same sex marriage, Gordon Campbell's 'horizontal gaze nystagmus', and assorted other topics. The Liberals Must Be Crazy was nominated for the 2008 Stephen Leacock Memorial Award for Humour.


The Librals Must Be Crazy. (First Choice Books, 2007)

AWARDS: *Winner* North Island College's Annual Short Fiction Competition (2006)

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