DATE OF BIRTH: 29 July 1947

PLACE OF BIRTH: Grande Prairie, Alberta



BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Rick Dewhurst earned his B.A. in English from the University of Victoria. With training in journalism, he has worked as a sports editor and senior reporter. Dewhurst of Duncan, B.C., created the City Gate Church for which he has served as Pastor since 1995.


Bye, Bye Bertie is a light-hearted narrative by a Vancouver detective named Joe LaFlam who must search for the sister of a beautiful blonde client, Brittany Morgan. The sister has gone missing after joining a religious cult... of Druids. Both sisters are waiting to get married. LaFlam, a devout Christian, would also like to tie the knot and settle down. Much of the time LaFlam lives in Seattle in his mind. The novel was favourably reviewed by the Globe & Mail's crime fiction specialist Margaret Cannon: "This is a pretty cute story, with a clever plot, no sex or violence, and characters who are a lot more engaging than the dogs and cats some authors use as gimmicks. Still, if you're wedded to the idea of private eyes who don't know the first word of the Gospel According to Luke, you may find this one, with his eye on heaven and his talk full of Jesus, just a bit hard to believe." A reviewer for Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine wrote, "The author, a Canadian pastor, brings a satirical perspective to all the great religious and moral quandaries and provides plenty of laughs even for readers outside the born-again culture. The Library of Congress subject heading (Christian Life-Humor) is a more accurate tag than crime or mystery novel, but the case is solved after a fashion."

Publicity info for The Darkest Valley: "In the Cowichan Valley on beautiful Vancouver Island, a pastor's wife with a deep secret is dying of cancer, his young aboriginal convert is in danger of being grabbed and initiated into Longhouse spirit dancing rituals, and his congregation is throwing him to the wolves. In desperation, he attempts to recruit a local newspaper editor to publish the truth about the Longhouse. Along the way truth is put to the test, and when his wife's secret is revealed, so is their faith."


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