From his home in Vancouver, Lyle Dick works with Parks Canada as their West Coast Historian. He is the author of over 65 publications and 20 books on Canadian, American and Arctic history.

Sea Otters of Haida Gwaii (co-authored with Norm Sloan) takes a look at various aspects of sea otters. From their history in the Haida Gwaii, to conservation, to their history of being hunted for pelts, Dick and Sloan thoroughly explain this "enormous marine weasel".


Sea Otters of Haida Gwaii (Haida Gwaii Museum 2013)(Co-authored with Norm Sloan) $19.95 978-0-920651-33-9

Farmers "Making Good": The Development of Abernethy District, Saskatchewan, 1880-1920 [2nd edition] (UCP, 2008) $34.95 978-1-55238-241

Muskox Land: Ellesmere Island in the Age of Contact (UCP, 2001) $34.95 1552380505

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