Stewart Dickson's Broken Wing (Vancouver: Summer Wild Productions, 1990) is a novel about a bush pilot who crashes in northern British Columbia. Raphael Ironstand, a Métis from Manitoba, read a copy of Broken Wing and was inspired to get in touch. Raised in bleak circumstances as a Métis on a reserve in Manitoba, Ironstand had stowed away in a truck at age nine to accompany other children to an Indian residential school where he was taunted as 'Monias' (white man in Cree) for having light skin. Dickson and Ironstand produced Hey Monias! The Story of Raphael Ironstand (Arsenal Pulp, 1993). Ironstand was living in Nanaimo when his memoir was published. Born in 1924, Dickson was a resident of Gibsons, B.C.

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