Founder of the Canadian Disabled Individuals Association, Ron Didur wrote Life Side Up: Encounter Disability Experience Life (Canadian Disabled Individuals Association, 2005). Partially based on the Didur's own experience with disability, the novel follows Jay, an active, healthy man who develops a debilitating disease. After losing the ability to pursue the activities he loves, Jay dies in a car accident and inexplicably awakens as someone else. Although he is able-bodied again, he finds he is missing one thing, Janet, the true love of his life.


Life Side Up ... encounter disability experience life, (Vancouver): printed in Canada by Ray Hignell Services Ltd, published by the Canadian Disabled Individuals Association (CDIA) in 2005, 128 pp. ISBN-13: 978-0-9738802-0-5. Copyright © 1027944 2005 by Ron Didur.

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