Graham Brazier of Denman Island and Nick Doe of Gabriola Island edited an amalgam of sixteen presentations made to the conference proceedings of Islands of British Columbia, a gathering held on Denman Island, August 20-22, 2004, for Islands of British Columbia (Arts Denman, 2005). The event was inspired by historian Richard Mackie's Colonial Conference held on Saltspring Island in January of 1999. Assessments and explorations of island life were presented by Jennifer Balke, Louise Bell, Fay Blaney, Graham Brazier, Katherine Dunster, Karl Goodwin, David Hicks, Gerald Hodge, Kal Holsti, Hamish Kimmins, Richard Somerset Mackie, John Millen, Trudy Duivenvoorden Mitic, Briony Penn, Ron Sakolski and Dorrie Woodward. [Arts Denman, Box 23, Denman Island, B.C. V0R 1T0.

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