Born in the US, Sara Dowse left at age 19 for Australia, where she lived for 40 years before coming to B.C. at the end of 1998. In Australia she was the inaugural head of the Office of Women's Affairs and was involved in developing and implementing many of the feminist reforms of the 1970s and 1980s. In the late 1970s, she left the public service and began working as a freelance writer and editor. Since coming to B.C., she's also worked as a graphic designer.

DATE OF BIRTH: 12 November 1938

PLACE OF BIRTH: Chicago, Illinois

ARRIVAL IN CANADA: December 1998, from Australia


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Editing, teaching, public service, journalism

AWARDS: ACT Book of the Year, Australian list IMPAC Dublin Prize


Reading the Peninsula (ed), CACSP, 2003
Digging, Penguin Australia, 1996
Division of Love (co-author) Penguin Australia, 1996
Sapphires, Penguin Australia, 1994
Schemetime, Penguin Australia, 1990
Canberra Tales (co-author), Penguin Australia, 1988
Silver City, Penguin Australia, US, 1984, 1985
West Block, Penguin Australia, 1983,1989

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