Like his fictional detective Jack Taggart, former RCMP undercover operative Don Easton of Victoria has had contracts on his life and undertaken dangerous work using false identities. "I want the readers to experience what I did," he says. "In so doing, what they read will challenge their own morality of what they may originally believe to be right or wrong. I want them see, as Jack Taggart says, the 'Big Picture'. In the world of the undercover operative, life is not black and white, where good guys and bad guys are easily defined. Instead, it becomes murky and grey."

In his third gripping all-too-believable police procedural, Angel in the Full Moon (Dundurn 2008), Easton opens his expose of people smuggling and sexual abuse of children with the transport of an innocent young girl from Hanoi to Canada, for eventual sale to an American as a sex slave. To crack the case and try to nab to the villainous Russian ringleaders of an international syndicate, Easton must travel to the beaches of Cuba and call upon his contacts with the Satan's Wrath motorcycle gang.

In Samurai Code, McTaggart's investigation of heroin importing takes him to the lair of one of the largest yakuza crime families in Japan.


Loose Ends (2005) 1550025651
Above Ground (2007)
Angel in the Full Moon (2008) $11.99 978-1-55002-813-3
Samurai Code (Dundurn 2010)
Dead Ends (Dundurn 2011) $11.99 978-1554888931

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