Born May 22, 1942 in Clonmel, Ireland, Egan came to Vancouver in 1972. An SFU educator and author of over 20 books, Egan received the Killam Research Fellowship in 2001 and won the Grawemeyer Award in Education. He holds the Canada Research Chair at the SFU Faculty of Education.

Selected Publications:

Egan, Kieran, Gillian Judson and Bob Dunton. Whole School Projects: Engaging Imaginations through Interdisciplinary (Inquiry. New York: Teachers College Press, 2014)

Egan, Kieran, trans. [Korean]. Learning in Depth: A Simple Innovation That Can Transform Schooling (Seoul: Hakjisa Publishing, 2014)

Egan, Kieran, trans. [Lithuanian]. Learning in Depth: A Simple Innovation That Can Transform Schooling (Vilnius: Alternatyvusis Ugdymas, 2014)

Egan, Kieran, trans. [Korean] The Future of Education: Reimagining our Schools from the Ground Up (Seoul: Hakjisa Publishing, 2014)

The LiDKit: Resources for Implementing the Learning in Depth Program (Pacific Educational Press 2013) $100.00 9781926966151

Book plus media
Wonder-Full Education: The Centrality of Wonder in Teaching and Learning Across the Curriculum - coedited with Annabelle Cant and Gillian Judson (Routledge 2013)

Building My Zen Garden (Houghton Mifflin, 2000)

Children's Minds, Middle Class Rabbits, and Clockwork Oranges: Essays on Education (Teachers College Press, 1999)

Narrative in Teaching, Learning and Research (University of Chicago Press, 1977)

Imagination in Teaching and Learning (University of Chicago Press, 1992)

Romantic Understanding: The Development of Rationality and Imagination, Ages 8-15 (Routledge, 1990)

Primary Understanding. Education in Early Childhood (Routledge, 1988)

Imagination and Education (Teachers College Press, 1988)

Literacy, Society and Schooling (Cambridge University Press, 1986)

Teaching as Story Telling (Althouse Press, 1986)

Individual Development and the Curriculum (Hutchinson, 1986)

Education and Psychology: Plato, Piaget, and Scientific Psychology (Teachers College Press, 1983)

The Erosion of Education: Socialization and the Schools (Teachers College Press, 1981)

Educational Development (Oxford University Press, 1979)

Ethics and Educational Policy (Routledge, 1978)

Structural Communication (Fearon, 1976)

The Tudor Peace (University of London Press, 1969)

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