Born and raised in the southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Marie is the great great granddaughter of one of the earliest settlers on Sumas Prairie and his wife, from the Stolo Nation. Marie has worked in the central interior of British Columbia for five years and graduated with an MA in History from University of Victoria. An editor of B.C. Historical News (now BC History), she wrote numerous articles and four books. Her interests are the fur trade, gold rushes and the settlement history of British Columbia, especially governance and social development. Other interests are hiking historical trails; exploring British Columbia, geology and photography. She received a British Columbia Historical Federation Certificate of Honour, 2000, for Gold and Grand Dreams which covers the eastern Cariboo history from the discovery of gold on the Quesnel River in 1859 to the closure of Quesnel Forks around 1916. The main towns were Quesnel Forks, Keithley Creek, Antler and Horsefly.

Author's City: Victoria, B.C.
Date Of Birth: November 28, 1938
Place Of Birth: Vancouver, B.C.

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Fort St. James and New Caledonia: Where British Columbia Began
Mayne Island and the Outer Gulf Islands: A History


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