Born in Vancouver in 1951, David Ellis has been a commercial fisherman on the Pacific Coast where he became acquainted with First Nations elders Luke Swan of Ahousat and Solomon Wilson of Skidegate, recording their knowledge of Aboriginal use of intertidal zones. As the son of Bill Ellis, he has continued his father's business of privately selling maritime and First Nations titles, particularly to Aboriginal organizations and collectors. David Ellis co-authored Teachings of the Tides: Uses of Marine Inverterbrates by the Manhousat People (Nanaimo: Theytus, 1976; Victoria: Sono Nis, 1981) with Luke Francis Swan, born in 1893. He also co-authored The Knowledge and Use of Marine Invertebrates by the Skidegate Haida People of the Queen Charlotte Islands (Skidegate: Queen Charlotte Islands Museum Society, Monograph No. 1, 1981) with Solomon Wilson.

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