Trent moved to British Columbia from the flat lands of Saskatchewan in 1988, and immediately fell in love with the mountains. He has been exploring the wild (and not so wild) places of B.C. and Alberta since 1995, working as an outdoor journalist/columnist for papers and magazines such as Coast Magazine, Mountain Fresh and Avenue West. It is probably coincidental, he jokes, that these publications are now out of business. He's also written for the Georgia Straight, Beautiful BC, Western Investor and Western Living. He started working as researcher/editor for Mussio Venture's Backroad Mapbooks in 2000, and has edited and updated almost all the B.C. and Alberta Guidebooks.

CITY/TOWN: Tumbler Ridge

DATE OF BIRTH: 08/08/70

PLACE OF BIRTH: Waldheim, Saskatchewan


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Photography, Graphic Design


Backroad Mapbook: South Peace Alberta, (Mussio Ventures Ltd. 2004)
Backroad Mapbook: Chilcotin (Mussio Ventures Ltd., 2003)
Backroad Mapbook: Central Alberta (Mussio Ventures Ltd., 2002)

[BCBW 2004] "Outdoors" "Photography"