DATE OF BIRTH: 20/10/1961



EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Canada Research Chair, Okanagan University College


Evans, Mike and Lisa Krebs (with John Bogle, Bob Parris, and Heidi Standeven
2004 A Brief History of the Short Life of the Island Cache. Edmonton: Solstice Series, Canadian Circumpolar Institute Press. Just before the Fraser and Nechako rivers meet is a place called the Island Cache, where settlers took residence in the 1920s. The Cache borders Prince George and when the city incorporated the Cache in 1970 political turmoil took hold as the small community fought against the attempted assimilation.

Persistence of the Gift: Tongan Tradition in Transnational Context. Waterloo ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2001.

What it is to be a Métis. Prince George: University of Northern British Columbia Press, 1999. Co-editor with Marcelle Gareau, Leona Nielson, Lisa Krebs, and Heidi Standeven. With the help of Prince George Métis Elders Society and colleagues at the Métis Nation of British Columbia, Dr. Evans worked on numerous research projects working with the contemporary and historic Métis communities in B.C. This volume is a part of the Métis Studies curriculum for the University of Northern British Columbia.

Special Issue: Sustainability in the Small Island States of the Pacific, Pacific Studies 22(3/4), 1999. Co-editor with Charles Stevens.

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