Dolly Felix narrated her version of a Stó:lo story for The Hunter and the Sasquatch (1981). Also known as Sophie Joe, storyteller Dolly Felix was an assistant to Andy Paull during his involvement with the Indian Brotherhood. Born on October 19, 1897, she first lived her parents Sophie and James Johnson at the mouth of Harrison River before moving to Nicomen Island in 1902. At age eleven she stopped attending St. Mary's Residential School in Mission. She married Richard (Dick) Joe from Chehalis in 1923. She had 12 children and at least 35 great-grandchildren. As a member of the Coqualeetza Elders Group in 1981, she was assisted by Laverne Adams (text) and Peter Lindley (illustrations).


Felix, Dolly. The Hunter and the Sasquatch (Sardis, B.C.: Coqualeetza Education Training Centre, 1981).

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