Born on February 10, 1944 in New York City, Field came to Vancouver in 1971. For 30 years she lived on a Vancouver Island farm, but has since moved to Victoria. Holding an M.A. in textile design from Berkeley, she teaches design and handmade paper construction. She collaborated with Vaghi, a temple cloth printer she met on a trip to Asia, for In The Street of the Temple Cloth Printers, an educational book for children. Field was published in the anthology of poetry, Threshold (Sono Nis, 1998). It was followed by her own collection, Wearing my People Like a Shawl (Sono Nis, 2008), concerning her family's conflicting relationship with their Jewishness.

The Blackbird Must Be (Sono Nis, 2011) is Field's retelling of Genesis through poetry set in modern-day Vancouver Island.


In The Street of the Temple Cloth Printer (Pacific Education Press, 1996)

Meetings at the Edge: Paper and Spirit (1996)

Handmade Paper in Nepal: Tradition and Change, Hand Papermaking (1998)

Between Gardens: Seasonal Observations on Gardening, Friendship and Spirit (Polestar, 1999)

Leaving the Narrow Place (Oolichan, 2004)

Wearing my People like a Shawl (Sono Nis, 2008). $14.95 978-0-55039-166-4

The Blackbird Must Be (Sono Nis, 2011) 978-1-55039-179-4 $14.95

PHOTO by Patty Loveridge

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