In her first novel, Small Displays of Chaos (Coteau 2016) emerging writer Breanna Fischer uses her own experience being diagnosed as anorexic with bulimic behaviours to tell the story of a senior high school student's journey toward self-love and strength.

The main character is 17 year-old Rayanne Hudy who is struggling to get through her last year of high school and overcome anorexia. Then she meets the seductive and demanding Ed.

Fischer's writing explores complex relationships through a realistic lens on young adult tribulations. Eventually, the protagonist learns that by loving herself she is better able to love those around her.

Breanna Fischer studied at the Vancouver Film School where her short script Small Displays of Chaos was produced into a short film in 2015. She lives in Vancouver.


Small Displays of Chaos (Coteau 2016) $12.95 978-1-550506617

[BCBW 2016]