Born in England in 1932, Chris Foster came to Canada in 1955 as a member of the Emissary community at 100 Mile House. Publisher of the Integrity International, the journal of Emissary Foundation International, Foster wrote a biography of Emissary leader Martin Exeter, seventh Marquess of Exeter, who had lived at 100 Mile House from 1932 to 1987. It is called One Heart, One Way: The Life and Legacy of Martin Exeter (1989). He has also written two books of poetry and an Emissarian novel about the future of mankind, Bearers of the Sun, plus a modern parable that takes the reader into the interwoven lives of people, plants, animals and mother earth, Winds Across the Sky. The biography of Martin Exeter was edited by Brian Scrivener and published by the Emissary community.

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