Laden with grief after her husband is killed by a hunting accident, Kimberly Piper turns to find solace from God--only to find herself somehow spending the night in the local jail. The young widow never anticipated embracing Christianity would oblige her to apprehend criminals. That's the gist of Ontario-born Beverley R. Fox's debut Christian novel Piper's Call (Essence $19.97), the first in a projected trilogy. While promoting her second novel in the series, Piper in Crisis (Essence $19.97), Fox organized an inaugural, book-signing fair at the Quesnel Library on May 24, 2014 for North Cariboo authors. The line-up for the unprecedented gathering included local authors Judy Alsager, Sage Birchwater, Samuel Blondahl, Jeff Bloom, Cindy Brander, Joyce Helweg, Steve Hunter, Stan Krumm, Patricia Mackay, Donna Milner, Margaret Pascuzzo, Gordon Perry, Diana Phillips, Jay Robertson, DebiLyn Smith, Susan Smith-Josephy, Jeannie Vant, Lin Weich, June Wood and Ed Zaruk.


PIPERS CALL (Essence 2012) 978-1-55452-939-1, softcover 240pgs,

PIPER IN CRISIS (Essence 2013) 978-1-4600-0173-8, softcover 232pgs,

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