Hadley Louise Friedland was the first Research Director of the University of Victoria's Indigenous Law Research Unit.

In The Wetiko Legal Principles (UTP 2017) she examines the concept in Algonquian folklore of a cannibal monster or a spirit that possesses a person, rendering them monstrous, known as the wetiko, in the context of inordinately high rates of "intimate violence" and child victimization in Indigenous communities. Her analysis of Cree and Anishinabek stories and oral histories is referenced by her knowledge of academic and legal literature on the subject to theorize about the dynamics of wetikos and offenders in cases of child sexual victimization. The goal is to help provide direction for applying Indigenous legal principles to contemporary social issues.


The Wetiko Legal Principles (UTP 2017) $65 hc 978-1-4875-0256-0 / $24.95 sc 978-1-4875-2202-5

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