Sandra Janssen is a writer of literary fiction and a publisher. Writing under the name of Elizabeth Gallacher she has published three novels - Circle of Beginning, September Gales and Circle of Attachment. She will shortly publish Circle of Intent.

Born on Vancouver Island she spent over a decade as a special needs educator before going to the UK to work for Harvard University Press, the MIT Press and Pluto Press. She has also worked in H.K. Lewis & Sons Medical and Scientific bookstore and for Cambridge Medical Books, a UK library supplier.

While in the UK she taught a number of creative writing, creative recovery and book marketing courses and workshops. She has won a number of awards for her poetry and short fiction in the UK and Canada. Her poetry has been published in the UK anthologies Summer Explosion and Winter Celebration.

She is also the owner of Windshift Press, which is now in its eleventh year of operation, having published over 40 titles in that time. She is currently working on the remaining volumes of the Circle series and looking forward to publishing Circle of Intent in early 2012.

Date and Place of Birth: Nanaimo, BC - 24/06/48

Place of Residence: Vancouver Island, BC

Ancestral Background: Danish, Scottish


Circle of Beginning [BC: Windshift Press, 2005]

September Gales [BC: Windshift Press, 2011]

Circle of Attachment [BC: Windshift Press, 2011]


Summer Explosion [UK: Mast Publications, 1994]

Winter Celebration [UK: Mast Publications, 1995]