With photographs by Maximilien Bruggman, ethnologist Peter Gerber from the University of Zurich has provided an overview, from the Ice Age onwards, of the purported migration of indigenous peoples across the Beringian land bridge into the Pacific Northwest and their evolution to the 20th century within Indians of the Northwest Coast (1987). He has also published, in German, a study of Pacfic Northwest artists Susan Point, Joe David and Lawrence Paul.


Gerber, Peter R. & Maximilien Bruggman. Indians of the Northwest Coast (Zurich, 1987; New York: Facts on File, 1989).

Gerber, Peter. Susan A. Point, Joe David, Lawrence Paul: Indianische Künstler der Westküste Kanadas = Native artists from the Northwest Coast (Zurich: Völkerkundemuseum der Universitôt Zürich, 1989).

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